Since the UK Government have started to ease the second lockdown, an increasing number of people are planning to spend time in their holiday homes in the UK. Most of these homes are static caravans, and they have never been more popular than right now. We discuss the advantages of purchasing a holiday home. We also provide some other hints and tips to help you decide if buying a static caravan is the right idea for you.

So Why Buy a Static Caravan?

There are various reasons to buy your dream static caravan, and there a so many fantastic static caravans for sale. So, where do we start? You can start by reading the below for helpful information.

Static Caravans Give You Freedom

Firstly we’d like to say welcome to the caravan industry! It’s an enjoyable hobby as well as a great money maker for some rainy day money. Caravan ownership isn’t easy, though, but it gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. It could be for a couple of days away with friends or for the whole family to enjoy during school holidays. The choice is all yours!

It allows you to have the freedom of interior design for your static caravan, so you can have it exactly how you would like it. Changing the interior is extremely easy, especially for anyone with special needs or mobility issues. Static caravans can be converted to make them work in the best way for you as the owner.

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 For Ease of Use

Another benefit is the ease of use that it brings. There is no need to spend hours looking through the internet to book a holiday, wait in queues at airports, or have travel delays. Just pack what you need and get in the car to drive to your holiday park.

It is a Cheap Holiday

Having a holiday home is a very cheap holiday. As the pound continues to drop against other currencies, including the Euro and the Dollar, your money is worth the same wherever your caravan is situated.

Another reason to buy a static caravan in Kent is that it can save you money if you take your food with you. Alternatively, you could even have a small supermarket situated on your doorstep. This helps to reduce your spending on eating out and travelling.

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Does it Make Financial Sense?

Buying a static caravan is significantly cheaper than purchasing a house or flat. The investment can also make a return on itself if you’re planning on renting it out during peak holiday seasons. However, you must remember the site fees, electricity, gas bottles and ongoing maintenance which is required.

First, you should ensure that you can pay the ongoing park fees and ongoing maintenance for the holiday home, as this is a yearly fee charged to keep your caravan on site.

Suppose you’re looking at purchasing a static caravan for investment purposes. In that case, the value will not go up over time, unlike your regular brick and mortar property, which will fluctuate depending on the current economic cycles. If the caravan is located in a nice area, subletting is still a potential investment throughout the year.

What Does a Static Caravan Cost?

The costs all depend on if you’re going to buy a brand spanking new caravan or a high quality refurbished caravan.

A new static caravan can cost anything from £10,000 up to over £100,000. After you have purchased the static caravan, there are additional costs, including delivery, yearly pitch fees, maintenance, cleaning, electricity and gas bottles, to name a few.

To help keep costs down, you could also look at purchasing a refurbished caravan which can cost around a quarter of the cost of a new caravan and still have plenty of life left in it for your friends, family and holiday guests to enjoy.

You do not want to get into a position where you have purchased your dream static caravan but realise after the first year that you cannot afford to maintain it and pay the site fees. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to consider and make a long-term affordability plan before you purchase.

Can I live in my Static Caravan?

Yes, you can live in your static caravan, but you would need to find a park with a residential licence. Not all parks have a residential licence, but they hold a holiday licence that allows you to stay on-site for ten months out of the year. If the park has a holiday licence, you cannot use this as your permanent residence either.

One of the most critical factors in residing in a park is the site licence and the park operators park rules. There are residential caravan parks across Kent and the UK, and most of them have a warm, welcoming community feed. But the majority of people purchase static caravans as a holiday home. Council tax is still payable on mobile properties occupied full-time, usually in the cheapest band for the area.

Can Static Caravans be Sublet?

Most people buy static caravans to focus on subletting during busy periods and a getaway during quiet times. Some purchase with friends, some allow the entire family to use it whenever they like. When planning on purchasing with a friend, you should always seek professional advice to have the contract drawn up, which helps protect your investment.

If this is the plan, you should check with the holiday park where you plan to have your caravan pitched, as some don’t allow you to sublet without a small fee. If you’re unsure about subletting your caravan or would like further information, you should contact us to speak to a friendly member of our team.